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The auto body hammer was created shortly there after the vehicle was, which have helped autos correct any body work problems. We will cover how you should use a auto body hammer in your garage or shop and what the best strategies are. Auto body hammers may in fact seem simple, but working with an auto hammer isn't easy. Auto hammers are used to help "motivate" tight objects to come undone as well as helping manipulate the shape of metals sheets.Most people think of a traditional hammer when we mention the term auto body hammer although that's not what these hammers are for. A traditional hammer has a jagged edge on one side designed to take out nails, and the other a flat or curved smaller surface to nail in nails. Since most autos don't require removing nails, they really don't require a normal hammer and require a flatter, which is why they are also called soft tipped hammers. Auto body hammers are designed in a wide type of weights and strengths so that you can manipulate many different type of body panels.While you are working on your vehicles, you'll come across a wide variety of problems like rust and other body problems which means you may need other tools as well, fiberglass blasters, sanders, and base paints. A lot of the problems with body work are dents. The first thing thing that you will need to do is purchase a dent puller, the reason that dent pullers do what they do is because of how they pull the dent back out. An auto body hammer will most likely be needed to fix the very small problems that are left after using a dent puller.Next you need to grind away any rust or other body problems that occur prior to prepping for painting, removing dust can be a big problem but if you approach it correctly you can remove any and all signs of rust fairly easily. Now you will need to completely remove all signs of paint including the base, so use 80 grit sandpaper and bring it down to the sheet metal of the car. You'll need to use a paint inhibitor now to remove the remaining amount of paint and be sure that you've prepped it properly.Remember, prior to any of this type of work you'll want to confirm that you've made everything smooth and brought holes down and the overall shape back to original. Get your auto body filler ready and get to action, this is the final stage prior to your painting job. Auto body fillers are applied using a putty knife and shaped into the original lines that are found on your car. Spend enough time, and even more time then necessary so that you do a great job as this is nearly the last step before you begin a repaint. It typically takes most people a couple times until they get it right so take the extra time to do a job well done.After checking things out you'll want to use a fine grit to level everything out and make it as smooth as possible. You are just about ready to start the next process of painting or taking your car to the paint shop. Apply the paint, which is a whole topic and article all together. Lyford

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When weather or bad luck leaves your car in need of professional body repair, car painting, or auto glass replacement, a qualified body shop or car rebuilder will give you straight answers, an honest estimate, and a clear timeframe.


Paint Body Shop The car bumper repair industry, particularly the smart repair side of it, is a booming business. Car bumper damage is by far the most common car body repair carried out in the UK. This article will briefly explore the history of bumper repair and a brief guide to smart repair, focused on mobile car body repair vs. a static site repair.My first personal experience of the car body repair industry was in 1995 when I was a passenger driven in a brand new Ford Fiesta going for lunch at the McDonald's Drive Thru. On the way through the driver, who shall not be named, drove too close to the large, decorative rockery that McDonalds had placed near the entrance to add that "classy" feel to the restaurant. The hideous scraping sounds were matched perfectly by the look of sickening horror on the young female driver's face. An inspection of the damage showed a foot long scuff with a couple of deep gouges down the side of the front bumper on the passenger side. I tried to calm her down and told her not to worry, my 'expert' knowledge of car body repairs told me that it wasn't that bad and she could probably get it fixed for £50 and never have to tell her father what she had done three days after passing her driving test.One trip to the Ford main dealer later and we were both reeling from the £400 estimate for a new bumper (plus the VAT of course, and a four day time frame). "Can you not just repair the scrape?" I had asked naively. "Cheaper to replace it..." was the blasé answer. In 1995, S.M.A.R.T repair was only just getting off the ground in the USA and wouldn't really hit the UK for another five years. Expensive lesson learnt, we both moved on (sorry Christine).At some point in the early 1990s, a technique called Small to Medium Area Repair Technology (SMART) repair was developed in the USA. The exact origins are unclear but the technology and ideas behind it were enough of a paradigm shift in the car body repair industry that the technique spread very rapidly throughout the US and the rest of the world. Car body shops had been able to repair rather than replace parts for many years already but the advent of these new tools and techniques and the ability to provide the repairs without a static spray booth meant that a whole massive new mobile industry sprang up.Traditional car body repair shops have been, and still are, constrained to charging high prices for a bumper repair. There is little difference in the cost of the repair to the body shop if they repair a bumper corner or repair a whole bumper. The base cost must always include a premium for the fixed overhead costs they are stuck with: rent on the premises, business rates, fixed minimum staffing levels, huge equipment costs for spray booths etc...In contrast, a mobile smart repair technician can operate all his equipment from a single mobile workshop, often a medium sized van, and so the base cost of repair is generally only constrained to the travelling time to and from a repair job. The end result is a cost to the customer that is usually 50% lower for a bumper repair that is every bit as good (and often better) than a car body shop repair.For more information on SMART Repair techniques and bumper repair please look through my other articles.

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Body Repair Near Me If you are in need of top quality auto glass repair for damaged wind shields in Scranton, PA, then you can definitely come across the full range of economical wind shield repair services, done with a smile. Scranton has a variety of different chain and ma and pa glass stores which will gladly fix your damaged, chipped or broken wind shields and several other auto glass. Regardless of whether you have a simple chip, ding, crack, or hole in your windshield, there are plenty of auto repair facilities competing for your business who can give you a competitive rate and precise estimate for insurance claims.Scranton, PA is just like any place in the nation--or planet, for that matter--in that we're not really protected from broken glass. The chief culprit in damaged or cracked windshields is other automobiles on the roadway--namely, big rigs that either trail or kick up rocks. This does not have to be a stressful experience for you, however. A lot of glass repair companies will give you a timely estimate--whether you are fully insured or not. The average auto glass claim is around $100-$200, but however they can be less and more. It is important to make a claim in as well-timed a way as possible for numerous reasons, not just monetary....And You Don't EVER have to use the "Insurance companies" hand picked carriers. For the most part "their pick" has nothing to do with your benefit. Always KNOW you can hand pick you own auto glass provider. More Reasons To Get Professional Auto Glass RepairGood quality auto glass repair is essential, as the windshield plays a essential role in the framework of your car, protecting you and your travelers from much more than just wind and debris. It aids in protection of occupants in a front on crash, and its positioning helps you keep airbags working in the suitable positions. Having a licensed glass technician advise you on and carry out the job of repairing your wind shield is always a much better idea than going to some auto body shop, where they might not specialize in auto repair itself.There are however various other reasons to get well-timed repair done on your broken windshield. Small cracks and chips can turn into large problems almost overnight, if not sorted out. This leaves drivers with an even bigger head ache, so make sure to take your car right in and make an insurance claim ASAP. This benefits everybody--the insurance company, who does not want their covered driver driving with a blind spot liability; the auto glass company, which enjoys the business and gets you a new wind shield; and obviously YOU, the driver, who benefits in the obvious way.When looking for an auto glass repair shop to take your claim, look for certain hallmarks of a dependable business--number of years serving the public, the Better Business Bureau seal of approval, superb consumer review ratings and testimonies, and full disclosure of who they are and how they function. This will make getting your auto glass repair for a damaged windshield in Scranton, PA, or where ever you are a lot more satisfactory experience. Auto Body Work Shop

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